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Senegalese Tea Blend

Senegalese Tea Blend

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Kinkeliba and Douté leaves come from twig trees that grow in the hills of West Africa, particularly in Senegal, where drinking Kinkeliba is an everyday household tradition. 

Enjoy it as an infusion with a slice of lemon, or simply as an iced tea served with milk. It’s tasty and caffeine-free!


Kinkeliba, Douté

Best for

Hot tea

Iced tea

Fun recipe

Iced Kinkeliba Tea - Bring to a boil for about 5 to 8 minutes, ¼ cup of Senegalese Tea Blend. While the tea is cooling off, add to a cup about 4 ice cubes, ¼ cup of milk and sweetener of your choice, and a drizzle of cinnamon, stir well and add about ¾ of  Senegalese Tea Blend to the mix. Cheers!

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