Where are Tangana Wellness teas from?

Our herbs and spices are skillfully and mindfully picked from Fair Trade farmers, and companies that apply ethical business practices that are worth supporting. 

Where are the essential oils used in perfumes from?

It starts with lavender fields from the beautiful region of Provence in France, to the exquisite farms of Oregon! We pride ourselves in researching, travelling, smelling and outsourcing the best essential oils to make the best non-toxic perfumes. 

How does the "Free With Purchase" work?

We love when customers inquire about our "Free With Purchase" program, which is why we want to further detail: 

- Buy 1 (one) or more Bissap/True Tonic, receive 1 (one) intuitively chosen gold stainless steel spoon or gold stainless steel tea strainer in your purchase, at no cost. You can also leave us a note, letting us know which style of spoon you'd prefer, we're always happy to make your treat extra special. 

- Buy 4 (four) or more Bissap/True Tonic, receive an intuitively chosen handmade Japanese tea mug in your purchase, at no cost. 

- Buy 1 (one) or more Fula perfume, receive the essential oil perfume blend of the season in your purchase, at no cost. 


Is there any free shipping?

We offer free shipping on your purchase of $50 and over. 

Do perfumes ship internationally?

As of now, Tangana Wellness is unable to ship its perfumes internationally as its qualified as a dangerous good due to postal restrictions on products with alcohol content. However, we're actively working towards making our non-toxic perfumes available worldwide, thanks for your patience and stay tuned.